Sugar Creek Glen Campground has been in business for more than five decades, providing a memorable experience to guests.

Merav and Daniel bring new energy and vast experience with people, which promise campers an even more gratifying camping experience.


The Dansville area offers a variety of activities, attractions, and festivals year-round, as well as including two of New York’s beautiful state parks. Stony Brook State Park is a five minute drive south from the village, and Letchworth State Park – the “Grand Canyon of the East” – with its breathtaking waterfalls, can be found 15 minutes to the west.

Fishing, boating and hunting, are in ample supply in the surrounding hillsides and nearby lakes and streams. Unique activities such as flying, soaring, and ballooning are very popular in our valley.

Dansville hosts one of the major annual events in this part of the state, the NYS Festival of Balloons. During the Labor Day weekend, residents and visitors are treated to a flight exhibition of over 50 colorful hot air balloons filling the skies.

Historical Facts

  • First settled in 1795 by Daniel Faulkner, a local storekeeper and Militia Captain.
  • Birthplace of the American Red Cross, founded in 1881 by Clara Barton.
  • Pioneered by Nathaniel Rochester, founder of the City that bears his name.